Welcome to The TOFFEE Project.

The TOFFEE Project is a collection of Linux based open-source projects and its associated research.

  • TOFFEE - WAN Optimization
  • TOFFEE-DataCenter - Server and Data-Center WAN Optimization
  • TOFFEE-Mocha - WAN Emulator
  • TOFFEE-Butterscotch - Save and Optimize your Internet/WAN bandwidth
  • TrueBench - multi-platform hardware/CPU benchmarking
  • The Linux Channel - Linux and Open-Source Youtube channel


TOFFEE is an open-source WAN Optimization (Network Performance Optimization) software which can be used to optimize your critical networks such as:

Advantages of TOFFEE:

  • unlimited TCP sessions
  • optimizes TCP, UDP, ICMP and SCTP
  • optimizes TCP-Header, UDP-Header (IP Header is untouched for seamless end-to-end packet routing)
  • makes existing VPNs perform faster: TOFFEE prevents VPN packet fragmentation which occur commonly due to extra headers and encryption (exceeding MTU)
  • supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • lossless packet compression
  • packet de-duplication
  • application specific optimization: HTTP, SSL, FTP, Skype, Google-Hangouts, DNS, VNC, TeamViewer, MySQL, CIFS, SIP, RTP/RTCP, SMTP, POP, etc
  • stateless packet processing
  • extended to support hardware packet processing as well hardware based loss-less compression (acceleration cards)
  • optimizes live streaming data (such as VoIP, Podcasts, Radio, Live TV), which cannot be optimized via any existing file caching solutions

Limitations of TOFFEE:

  • does not do file caching

TOFFEE Architecture: TOFFEE optimizes discrete Network packets in real-time. This makes TOFFEE scalable and extremely versatile in terms of optimizing infinite number of TCP/UDP communication sessions. TOFFEE is built within Linux Kernel Networking sub-system, this makes TOFFEE to support any third-party compression acceleration hardware with minimal integration effort. TOFFEE does not do file-caching, since in real-world applications Network communication data is dynamic and unpredictable such as VOIP, live-streaming, TV broadcast and database applications. TOFFEE however optimizes data (besides compression) via Data-Deduplication (a.k.a Packet Templating feature in TOFFEE) which is extremely effective in optimizing unpredictable live dynamic data.

Learn more about: TOFFEE WAN Optimization deployment

TOFFEE DataCenter
TOFFEE-DataCenter is a new TOFFEE variant meant for Data-Center, Server, HPC, Load Balancing, Cluster Computing and SDN deployments.

Learn more about: TOFFEE-DataCenter Server and Data-Center WAN Optimization

Network Latency in WAN Networks and performance optimization

VPN Network Optimization via TOFFEE

TrueBench is an unique open-source benchmarking system in which the core system performance and efficiency parameters are measured at extreme high resolution in the order of several million/billion ยต-seconds for a given specific task. TrueBench is a part of The TOFFEE Project research. For more details: visit TrueBench

TOFFEE Butterscotch
TOFFEE-Butterscotch is an open-source software which can be used to save and optimize your Internet/WAN bandwidth. Unlike TOFFEE (and TOFFEE-DataCenter) TOFFEE-Butterscotch is a non peer-to-peer (and asymmetric) network optimization solution. This makes TOFFEE-Butterscotch an ideal tool for all Home and SOHO users.

TOFFEE-Mocha is an open-source WAN Emulation software which can be used to emulate (simulate) WAN networks. You can build test WAN networks and emulate WAN like behavior with TOFFEE-Mocha such as packet delays, random packet drops, packet corruption and so on. TOFFEE-Mocha can also be used as a tool to build TOFFEE WAN Optimization test setup at your lab. With TOFFEE-Mocha WAN Emulator you can emulate:

  • Latency and Bandwidth
  • Bursty Traffic (Jitter)
  • Congestion
  • Packet Loss

Learn more about: TOFFEE-Mocha WAN Emulator deployment

The Linux Channel
The Linux Channel - is a tech Youtube channel which showcases in depth video episodes on generic tech, on-line training video episodes, Linux Kernel, Open-Source, Systems Architecture, Networking, product reviews, VLOGs, news updates and other interesting stuff. For more details: visit The Linux Channel

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