VIDEOS :: Networking and Q&A

Written by: Kiran Kankipati
Published: 27-Aug-2016

Network Latency in WAN Networks and performance optimization

VPN Network Optimization via TOFFEE

Q&A - Add additional HardDrive or storage space in Linux VirtualBox VM

Building your own private cloud vs a public cloud infrastructure and Yahoo attack

Q&A - VPN Services, Network Data Compression and VPN Service Providers

Q&A - How to get and set (spoof) network port MAC-ID in C code

Download this episode sample code from Google-Drive: spoof_mac.c HERE.

Q&A - How to spoof (or change) your port MAC Address in Linux

DEMO - Generic Receive Offload - GRO in Networking

Q&A - VOIP Data Optimization in WAN Links ?

Q&A - Highspeed Gigabit 40Gbps NIC Card Device Driver Architecture?

Q&A - Routing vs Bridging in Linux Kernel Network-stack

Q&A - Relationship between SIP, RTP, RTCP protocol packets in VoIP?

Q&A - Why network packets get dropped?

Inflight WiFi - Technology, Challenges, Evolution

Thank you, Kiran

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