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The TOFFEE Project

Updates :: First TOFFEE-Butterscotch Code Release

Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 23-Nov-2016


TOFFEE-Butterscotch is a variant of TOFFEE can be used to save and optimize your Home/SOHO Internet/WAN bandwidth. Unlike TOFFEE (and TOFFEE-DataCenter) TOFFEE-Butterscotch is a non peer-to-peer (and asymmetric) network optimization solution. This makes TOFFEE-Butterscotch an ideal tool for all Home and SOHO users.

Here are my TOFFEE-Butterscotch software development updates which I posted earlier:

As a part of its first release these are the list of features supported:

  • Throttle: tcp (LAN to WAN traffic which is unidirectional)
  • Throttle: Torrent traffic (bidirectional)
  • Filter: incoming TCP-syn packets, ICMP (bidirectional) packets, and Torrent (bidirectional) packets
  • Monitor: network bandwidth usage report
  • Monitor: live performance stats
  • Alerts: Filter packets

Download the first Raspberry Pi2/3 TOFFEE-Butterscotch :: TOFFEE-Butterscotch-1.0.11-rpi2-23-nov-2016

NOTE: This is the first release of TOFFEE-Butterscotch open-source Bandwidth saver software. Currently as one can understand the features supported in the same is quite limited. But in future you should get more and more features being supported in the same. If you need any specific features, you can post your new feature requests to me, and if they are plausible they should get supported in the same eventually.

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