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Research :: INDEX :: Content Delivery Networks or Content Distribution Networks (CDN)

Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 21-Jul-2016

Project :: Building my own CDN for The TOFFEE Project website:

CDN - Content Delivery Networks or Content Distribution Networks Topics:

Suggested Topics:

WAN Optimization and Network Optimization
 Network Packet Queue or Buffer - Packet Flow Control, Fragmentation and MTU ↗

 Network MTU research and optimization of WAN Links ↗

 Network Latency in WAN Networks and performance optimization ↗

 Optimization of network data (WAN Optimization) at various levels ↗

 INDEX :: Content Delivery Networks or Content Distribution Networks (CDN) ↗

 Communication data network standards and data transfer speeds :: Chart ↗

 A study on WAN Optimization Techniques ↗

 WAN Optimization iPhone and Android - Mobile App ↗

 My sample Wireshark packet capture files for research ↗

 Live demo - Data Transfer - High bandwidth to Low bandwidth ↗

 A study on Deep Space Networks (DSN) ↗


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Recommended Topics:

Featured Educational Video:
Watch Video: File Caching (Web Caching) - WAN Optimization Techniques - Episode4

* Click the image above to watch this video on Youtube ↗

Skype VOIP Data - WAN Acceleration:
  > reduce/eliminate Jitter
  > no more call drops
  > accelerate any VOIP (including long-distance Skype calls)

Research :: Optimization of network data (WAN Optimization) at various levels:
Network File level network data WAN Optimization

Learn Linux Systems Software and Kernel Programming:
Linux, Kernel, Networking and Systems-Software online classes [CDN]

Hardware Compression and Decompression Accelerator Cards:
TOFFEE Architecture with Compression and Decompression Accelerator Card

TOFFEE-DataCenter on a Dell Server - Intel Xeon E5645 CPU:
TOFFEE-DataCenter screenshots on a Dual CPU - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5645 @ 2.40GHz - Dell Server