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Research :: PROOF! Google's manipulative tampered AI - Search results - Dont be Evil Google !

Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 26-Aug-2017


For more than a decade I am doing a research on Google's AI, and especially Google's SEO, and Search Results (including Youtube suggested video) AI. What I found is Google is highly manipulative and consistently tampering the search AI so that the search results and suggestions favors Google's intentions. And the search results are highly biased. And here is the proof of my detailed investigation and analysis of the same.

Today somehow I finally decided to remove Google Analytics script out of my website. Since Google Analytics makes Google to track every aspect of the website. And it also slows down the performance of the website. I am an X-employee of Akamai Technologies. So I know what its implications are. And how the performance of the a website will impact its SEO. Not just Google's SEO, it can be any platform like DuckDuckGo, Bing and so on.

For example if you analyze the website (in this case my website in Google PageSpeed Insights), you get the following results:
01 Google PageSpeed Insights

02 Google PageSpeed Insights

03 Google PageSpeed Insights

So regarding the same I want to search opinion about the same. And when I searched Why I stopped using Google Analytics, I am getting this highly tampered manipulative Google's search results as shown below. 90% of the times Google is trying to show irreverent search results. The fact is Google wants webmasters to use their Google Analytics platform more than Adsense and other programs. Google Analytics allows Google to track directly each and every aspect of website activity. So that they can target their Ads and share this information to other sources.
01 Google Search results

02 Google Search results

The same search this time with abstract grammatical construct: Why I stopped Google Analytics (without the word using). As you can see now it is showing even more out of context search results.
03 Google Search results

04 Google Search results

05 Google Search results

For example if you search the same in DuckDuckGo you get these relevant search results:
01 DuckDuckGo Search results

02 DuckDuckGo Search results

03 DuckDuckGo Search results

04 DuckDuckGo Search results

And similarly in Microsoft Bing you get these:
01 Bing Search results

02 Bing Search results

03 Bing Search results

04 Bing Search results

From this we can certainly conclude that it is not Google's AI which is flawed. We all know as far as search is considered Google rules the Internet. This is definitely a case that Google wants to deliberately manipulate and tamper the search results. And instead show situations where it is not relevant to the topic in an attempt to retain users using Google Analytics platform usage within their websites. Here is my live detailed video of the same:

by the-linux-channel

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